Case Management/Social Assistance

Case management services are sometimes necessary for people with clinical histories or complex personal backgrounds.

GetWell Behavioral Health Care case managers coordinate communication between therapists, doctors, social workers, legal counselors, life coaches, sober companions, and advisors to make sure that you or your loved one’s medical, social and therapeutic needs are met.

GetWell case management experts provide case management services both on an in-person and remote basis. We provide addiction case management, behavioral health case management, and other services for people with a variety of needs and concerns.

What Is a Case Manager?

Case managers are the center of a care team, and the other providers, assistants, or specialists are the spokes. A case manager works as the organizer and focal point of contact for all involved and retains the details in one place for future reference. This way, critical information is never forgotten or left out when making decisions about a client’s care.

Your case manager at GetWell Behavioral Health  will collect and track the related information from all participants involved in your medical, social or legal care as well as from individual stakeholders like family members, trustees, employers, or assistants. Your case manager will keep everyone informed of new developments and allow each individual to make fully up-to-date judgments and decisions.

Is a Private Case Manager Right for Me?

GetWell case management services are best for people who need behavioral healthcare, medical care, social or legal services, and people who will require to coordinate between relevant professionals or providers. It is often the case among those with alcohol or drug use disorders, behavioral health concerns, or other addictions. These problems require medical care but may also be accompanied by social, financial, and legal problems.

While case management is principally helpful for compound cases, you don’t need to have a complex background to benefit from working with a case manager.

Some Reasons People Pursue Case Management Services:

Time: Many individuals choose case management services because they do not have the time indispensable for organizing their own or their loved one’s care.

Navigating Complex Situations: Others find that case managers can play a crucial role in navigating confusing legal or medical systems, particularly if there are language or cultural barriers involved.

Inside Knowledge: Case managers comprehend the ins and outs of their fields and will be able to guide you through the process of getting the care or assistance that you need.

Expertise: Supervising a treatment plan and coordinating care can rapidly become overwhelming for a person or a family member who has other accountabilities and no experience with the systems convoluted. If you are in this condition and need help, working with a case manager will provide the assistance you are looking for.

Why choose GetWell Health System?

GetWell Health System care provides in-person and remote case management services consultations so we can hear more about your situation and suggest the service or services that will be best suitable for your needs.

When you work with GetWell Health System, you will acquire an experienced team of impeccably coordinated professionals who are devoted to your well-being and your needs.

Professional case managers at GetWell case management nursing work intending to identify and decrease the challenges that people experience when seeking care for their sickness. Our members do their best to make a difference in the lives of every patient we serve.

We inspire you to contact us to schedule a consultation to learn more and to find out how we can help seamlessly coordinate your care or the care of a loved one.

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