Addiction Treatment

Addiction and Substance Abuse Treatment

Get Well Recovery offers a personalized approach to addiction treatment. Our first-class therapists, doctors, and addiction specialists leverage the power of Intensive Outpatient Programs, Medication-Assisted Treatment, Mental Health Services, and Psychiatry in helping our patients heal. Our treatments have helped our patients access their confidence, passion, and voice as a proven and effective recovery resource.

Since addiction is a complex matter, our treatment focuses on discovering and treating the roots of addiction, including trauma, family history, and other co-occurring conditions.

Our Addiction Treatment for Sustained Recovery

Get Well Recovery offers specialized addiction treatment in which the client, family, or partner’s active participation is necessary to achieve recovery. The most challenging moment of treatment is when the person has to recognize his illness and does not start treatment. It’s understandable; the defense weapon of a person with addiction is to use excuses that seem meaningful and real at the time to justify their consumption and their repeated relapses. The excuses and lies dismantle the credibility of those dealing with substance use issues, but it is not a conscious act, but they cannot stop lying to protect their addiction.

At Kentucky Recovery, we want to make sure that anyone in need of addiction treatment can access high-quality treatment. Refusal of treatment or missed first appointments are when most people with addiction issues give up, and loved ones lose faith in them and start disassociating. Kentucky’s team of professionals helps both the patient and their entire environment in a dignified and personalized way, supporting and advising them so that our addiction specialist at Kentucky Recovery can regain communication with the patient and continue the work ahead towards recovery. Our addiction specialists will provide advice and directions to simplify the process, as knowing more information helps convince the person trapped in their addiction to start treatment.

Areas we cover
Substance Abuse Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, OCD, Trauma, Grief, Personality Disorders, Eating Disorders, Addiction, Marriage Counseling, ADHD & More

Our Philosophy of Treatment

Our mission is to act from innovation, best practices in brain and addiction science, and the constant review of our knowledge, using our methodology for comprehensive care of addictions and problems that generate social exclusion.

These principles and values guide our treatment plans at Kentucky Mental Health Care and Kentucky Recovery:

  • Solidarity and equity: In relationships with the people it serves.
  • Transparency: Kentucky Recovery ensures that its management is transparent.
  • Independence: Seeing people as capable and allowing them to build and nurture independence.
  • Service: This viewpoint allows us to focus on the axis of our activity, totally centered on the patient.
  • Dignity & Respect: Treating people for who they truly are inside, that they are worthy of being treated as a person with a purpose.

We strive to become an industry leader in assisting people with addiction problems through their success. In supporting our patient’s success, our responsibility is to carry out our work with excellence and love for a job well done—both in supporting internal resources and our services, all with dignity and respect.

The Real Thing: Evidence-Based Care

We believe that recovery from addiction requires addressing the emotional, mental, and physical effects of substance use disorders. Alcohol and drug addiction are often associated with family history, life events, mental health, accidental overprescribing, or as a way to self-medicate. Individual and group therapy play an integral role in discovering how substance abuse influences daily life. At Kentucky Mental Health Care and Kentucky Recovery, we help clients identify and heal from substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders.

Our fully licensed and top of their field medical and clinical staff ensure that each client receives the personalized attention and approach they deserve. It’s time to take it back; whatever addiction or drug abuse has cost you. Kentucky Recovery is ready to assist you or your loved one drown out the voice that tells you to use drugs or alcohol and guide you towards lasting recovery and peace of mind.

Our Why:

We strive to push the recovery industry forward by pushing for parity for recovery and mental health to be recognized and covered the same as physical health by the healthcare industry, private and government-run insurances. Our mission is to create equity in treatment while treating people with dignity and respect. This focus on care allows for positive generational change to occur, which is the most potent form of success. We are happy you found us.

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